Placenta Encapsulation Info Booklet

Pinstripes & Stitches Design Template

If you are an encapsulation specialist and want to be able to offer your clients a beautifully designed information booklet, look no further! This booklet has been carefully crafted and expertly copy-written to include all the information you could want or need to give your clients about their placenta capsules, breastfeeding and postpartum mood disorders.

You MUST have Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop to edit these files!

(Don’t have these? no worries, just choose the design upgrade & I’ll edit the file for you!)

What’s included:

  • Two layouts: full bleed for a professional printer or 1/4″ margin for home printing.
  • A welcome page with your photo, thank you note and reminder to fill out your feedback form after a few weeks.
  • A getting started page with information about how much to take, how to adjust the dose, what to do if they get sick and more.
  • A extra details page with storage guidelines, long term use, how to to talk to friends/family about placenta and more.
  • A baby blues page with a place for you to include a list of local moms groups, a warning about not delaying help for PPMD and a place to include the contact information of trusted mental health counselors.
  • A breastfeeding page with information about weight gain, dirty/wet diapers, a reminder about not delaying help for breastfeeding problems and a place to include the contact info of trusted lactation consultants.
  • A page with things they can do with leftover capsules, including a whipped body butter recipe, a lactation cookies recipe and suggestions for a burial ceremony.

Special notes:

  • This file is laid out for two 8.5 x 11 sheets of paper printed back to back.
  • The logo, baby photo and headshot photo are not included (you can replace with yours).
  • You must install the following free fonts on your computer before editing the file: Roboto Slab & Font Awesome.
  • You can choose to download just the files or pay a design upgrade. The design upgrade includes file customization by a designer.

The Basic Designer package includes changing colors, adding your logo & headshot, adding your contact info, adding two lactation consultants, 4 moms groups & 2 mental health practitioners (does not include editing of other page content). The designer will provide print-ready files in the format of your choice.

The Premium Designer package includes changing colors & fonts, adding your logo & headshot, adding your contact info, adding lactation consultants, moms groups & mental health practitioners (as many as will fit) and editing the page content for up to 30 minutes. The designer will provide print-ready files in the format of your choice.

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