Placenta Encapsulation Stock Photos

The zip file includes three sizes of each photo: 1. print, full size, CMYK, 300dpi 2. web small, 600px wide, RGB, 72dpi 3. web large, 2000px wide, RGB, 72dpi. License details:

  • You may use them for the marketing of your own business but not someone else’s business.
  • You may use them in print or online.
  • You may not transfer or sell the license to anyone else.
  • You may not create a derivative work for sale (example: making one t-shirt with a photo on it to wear for yourself is okay, producing t-shirts with the photo on it that you sell is not okay).
  • You do not need to provide attribution (although it’s appreciated).
  • These photos are Copyright © 2015 Emily Fontes.